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"Everything you have EVER been through, has led up to THIS moment... here and now"

I have always been a dreamer, a creator, I don't know living with out FIERCE passion, FIERCE grace.  The experiences of my life have taught me to trust, no matter what, we are always, always being taken care of.

My path has led me here... I don't know exactly where I'm going, but I do know, I must reflect upon it.  Humanity is defined by our stories...  we are in a special moment in history.  Earth feels like its on the brink of destruction.... but I am a believer that the destruction is really leading to a great healing.  

For the greatest healing ALWAYS starts at the bottom.  There is no where to go but UP!

I feel it in my gut, in my heart, we will look back collectively on these moments, and honor the bravery of all of us living HERE and NOW, embracing ourselves like never before.  Learning to Love and Heal our own personal wounds, for as we do so, we heal the collective.  Its a matter of conciousness, a choice to raise our vibrations to the highest frequency that can be held in these beautiful bodies. 

Its a matter of remembering.  

Its a matter of returning to the love that we always were.  That we were made for. 

Our stories, our truths, will define these times.

Its time to put down our weapons, and pull out our hearts.  Live from a sacred space deep with in all of us.  Its buried there, underneath the wounds of lifetimes of war and oppression.  

The time is ALWAYS NOW.

I Look for Love Notes every day.... Reminders of the truth in the chaos.  

And I must say, I've gotten damn good at finding them.  The internal compass is strong.  

There is NOTHING that cannot be turned around in the name of love.  

We cannot fail.


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