she traveled
Wishes come true...
she discovered...
tell her that she's beautiful
the creator...
...sacred moments spent...
Love sang...
her web of creation
Mama whispers in the Wind...
the embrace of a mother
may the Light remind me...
...everything thats new to me
forever a dreamer she stayed
hands of
...full moon. madness...
from the clouds
Close your eyes Love...
faerie spirits
all around me
she built a castle in the sky

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this is deeper than what is seen more profound than anything that could ever be heard, spoken, written about expressed in any of the forms of communication you currently now possess it can only BE FELT experienced in the level of the whole soul- being its deep inside your chest LOVE & communion knowingness- this "reality" is really just a figment of your brilliant <collective> imagination it is a gift you have come to know this gift FULLY WELL & share it with every encounter-action-choice