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shakti rising

waterfall, fairy spirit

she came to me yesterday

not to my thoughts

but to the pulsing in my womb.

the womb awakening,

where all of creation dwells

i am one with the eternal

the shakti

the fire of life

of passion

we all are.


she led me…

one step at a time

to the TRUTH

the truth that is hidden in the cracks

its between the lines

the glitches in the fabrication of the age...

it requires bravery to explore

the fierce feminine

the mary magdalene's

the wise priestesses

the love of the goddess

the amber colored yin

the divinity with in all of us

man and woman alike

this will save us all.

the new age is


of the wisdom locked within our very cells

of the lightness

the dance between YAWEH and MAGDALENE

healing is the way.


the golden age is near

i feel it

do you?

place your hands on your center

ask for guidance

embrace your shadow

it will be intense...

but only for a moment, love.

the time has come

your purpose is nigh...


it is NOW

prisms of love

energizing the atmosphere

love always wins

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