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maui whispers in the wind

i cried when i hopped off the plane in Maui. just a bit.

because it was a bit like getting a really big hug from mama. a powerful, graceful, and fierce mother. mama maui

my ride drove us to the beach first thing. the waves here in north shore are rough… theres a big swell right now, which is great for surfers, but can take unsuspecting swimmers out if you don’t know how to wade into the waves breaking powerfully onto the shore.

despite the danger (which i wasn’t suspecting in the first place) there’s nothing i wanted more in that moment than to baptize myself in the warm pacific saltwater.

i jumped right on in, and got smacked into the sand by the first wave that broke into me.

it was like maui was testing my spirit...

she whispered to my heart, "we work together dear one. its powerful here, you are loved, i will heal you, but you must surrender to the flow. there is so much to learn. and all you have to do, is BE”

the island carries divine love and ancient wisdom, wisdom the world needs right now. she carries the seeds that will heal us. memories of where we are going, where we have been, how far we have come

AND HOW THINGS ARE MEANT TO BE, how we are MEANT to work with nature, and each other.

so i sang, let it wash away…. anything in my way, let it wash away.

may i be a channel for grace.

the waves became much softer then…. after i got out and laid in the sand, a rainbow came to promise me i am EXACTLY where i’m supposed to be.

the ocean and sunshine has been cleansing me since day one. everyday i feel a little bit healthier, a little bit more confident, and little bit more grounded.

the food is AMAZING. i have unlimited access to avocados that taste like butter melting in your mouth, bananas, papayas, taro, kale, sweet potatoes pulled right off the tree or out of the ground out of a neighboring friends garden… REAL, FRESH food is abundant when you know the right people.

the sunshine’s crystalline energy alone is healing.

some days when i walk outside, i feel like i’m swimming in this pool of really soupy yet truly divine white-light love energy. it shifts and morphs with the different climates of the island everywhere you go.

its cus the islands are just different. the gas station pumps look like they are from the 1990s (except the cheaper gas at costco of course, where everywhere goes to fill up), everyone stops to let you cross the road, and people think its weird when you DON’T stop, smile and chat a bit.

things take a bit longer… life is a little slower.

because people are genuinely interested in the wellbeing of each other and this land.

at the same time, if you want something, anything you need, the connection that is meant to be made, will manifest. it just will. quickly.

the key is staying open.

i asked mama for food, a car, friends, work…. and all i’ve really had to do is step out of the house and be friendly. and there it all is. manifesting here, because here loves me.

since i got of the plane last Wednesday i’ve been working on finding my feet and getting grounded… feeling my roots, tapping into my channel. this morning i finally reconnected. there’s a park by the house I’m staying in, so i’ve been waking up in the mornings and walking over to run, dance, sing a bit, jump, move energy. its challenging to get breathless because of the soupy love energy pulling my etheric body in different directions, but i do it anyways cus its helps me feel tamer with all the magic around.

when my favorite trevor hall song of the moment (obsidian for those who know), began to play in the bright purple headphones i wear when i work out, and the tribal drums at the end of the song rang into my ears, i was sitting in the middle of the basketball court meditating in the wind that was blowing my hair in streams across my face.

i heard the native voices of the island singing in that wind...

their songs were laced with a deep sorrow and sadness. not for the islands, as the islands are protected and safe right now, but for the sorrow of the world at present.

the misuse of gaia, earth, our brothers and sisters across the oceans and around the world. the threat that men in powerful positions impose upon the innocent. the story of power hungry patriarchal abuse that has plagued our planet for far too long. this land feels it all.

and this time, the ancestors said to me...

"dearest one, you are hear to learn what we teach, and spread this message to the world. the tribes in all dimensions are ready to send their waves of light into the very essence of everyone's consciousness, more powerful than the ocean crashing onto maui's shore."

...the light is grounded by receiving, and letting it change us.

letting it clear our cellular memories of past traumas, fears and wounds.

setting us free.

every single one of us now has the chance to love like the island.

all of history has led up to this moment. our souls have lived many lifetimes to learn the lessons we need to change the direction of everything

and its about…. remembering. awakening.

its already within all of us.

tune in, and listen.

maui is sending her whispers in the wind to all of us.

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