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peacefulness, flow &... medi-PLAY-tion

Seven Sacred Pools, On the Hana Highway in Maui

not gonna lie… after a few weeks on the island (two as of today), the human DO-er with in me started to get a bit antsy

thats not to say that i am upset or discontent

cus trust me, i am in bliss. its magic not REALLY having anything to do other than whatever its is exactly that i WANT to be doing

…i sometimes think about how the rest of the world is in turbulence, yet here, its a little island oasis from it all.

i’m very thankful for that. this gift.

yet still, the do-er, teacher, creator... healer in me sometimes activates and nudges me towards my “work”

but the maui energy pulls stronger and reminds me that my “work” is really to practice the principles of PEACE and FLOW

…i was sitting in the Makawao town coffee shop last week chatting with a few new friends about meditation

in those kinds of conversations the yoga teacher “guru” side of me opens up…. i got talking about how my morning spirit time is my FAVORITE time of the day

coffee, angels, spiritual downloads… blah blah blah…. sets the tone for the rest of the day

when one of the girls interrupted me

"hold up. whats your email…. just go read what i’m about to send you"

cue the opening sequence…. and enter…


meditation + play =

"Joy and Pleasure are the greatest of all healers. Shhhh. Try not to tell this to the bazillions of people who have been rising at 5am for thousands of years, to eat a bowl of bland rice, then sit in the most uncomfortable of all possible positions, and engage in a meditation practice that is almost as exciting as cardboard….

get out of your head and into your body and senses

stop thinking/analyzing and start experiencing + living

Mediplaytion = more elation, more stretching languidly, more touch, more dancing and feeling the rhythms, more singing, more nurturing, more raw silk and cashmere and chocolate, more life orgasms, more beauty, more offering, more poems, more silliness and self-seduction, more laughter, more of the taste of aliveness. Mediplaytion is sacred play.

the average human heart will beat three billion times over the course of a lifetime = each beat, each breath is your practice

I am not going to tell you exactly how to do it. That is for you to discover. ;> Create.

Set aside a time for your practice. Your own practice of Mediplaytion is then a door to the rest of your day. Adorn your m-space with that which inspires you and feels like heaven multiplied. Gently heat some honey to drizzle over your face with closed eyes. Touch yourself like no one ever has before. Use sound and your voice. Let your emotions come up and out… This is the place. The sanctuary. The alchemy. The matrix of rebirth. Use crayons. Use symbols. Use scent. Use music. Or use the womb of silence. As you journey, feel your heart and soul warm and brighten throughout your whole body, notice a softness and a release, the activation of your relaxation response and an undulating pleasure… build up to feeling your entire body in a state of pulsating, blazing, colorful joy.

Slowly, this becomes normal to your body and being. It becomes your baseline.

Your ending and beginning.

And you will then be experiencing something exceedingly profound: that, this is the freedom of death in life. This extreme sweetness of the light and deep calm and cascading peace is exactly what people feel as they are dying.

Everything is changing. Everything is open. Savor life as sacred

This is what you came for. Joy is very powerful. Far more powerful than suffering ever was or is.

You can become the light/the primal fire/the eternal flame or you can get burned by it. The eternal flame will go on either way, incinerating all that is not itself. True to itself, the eternal fire of light will always unapologetically and uncompromisingly flame on.“

exactly what we ALL need now

its about igniting the spirit of meditation and PLAY in all we do, uniting flesh with spirit… finding bliss in every moment… letting life flow from the heartsease

its about getting your feet in the dirt, dancing yourself clean, singing loud just because it feels good, loving yourself just because you get to wake up, breath, and bask in whatever the day has for you

its about feeling every moment, tuning in rather than numbing out, embracing sensations, love… heartbreak, and everything in between

because this is what it means to be human

fully alive.

alive-ness is the space of healing and attraction

distract your worrying mind with the experience of LIVING

every moment is sacred

as i’ve let moments sweep me away on this island

pure presence

i’ve felt my body release



its the energies of the sun, the spirits that dwell here

and most importantly, allowing my self to just BE in it.

personally, i won’t quit my daily morning GOD time…. its just too good.

but the intention is to let that space set the tone for the rest of my day. to be able to RE-ENTER that sacred space at a breath’s notice

days of play. whether i’m on a beautiful island or not

i believe WITHOUT A DOUBT that the time has come for all of us to start living our lives for the sake of living. feeling, embracing the adventure

not just showing up to a job or chores every day because thats what we have to do to get by

but to spend every moment consciously creating from our SOUL’s deepest desires

and when we can be at peace with that… in the ALOHA FLOW as they say, everything else we need falls magically into place

Do. Not. Wait. For. Death. To. Feel. This. Feeling.

<< or else you will actually miss the entire meaning of life = a l i v e n e s s >>

(and cue the sound of a million nuns and priests and monks gasping, sadly… how much they have missed)




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