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the island sticks to you

the humid air is hard to breath

my lungs are heavy

maui sunset and angel auras


i float into the spaces between

where does the dream really begin and end??


it just continues….

here, i feel and see and sense more

like a deer in the woods

there is no gravity to weigh me down

the different layers of myself work together




letting go of the stories i’ve told myself

the stories i’ve created to

create me…

the layer i see when i look in the mirror

or hear my own voice

in truth

the real me… beyond the bones is


to set the stories free with the wind

soak them in the salt of the ocean

it cleanses me from skin to soul

rocking me in its rolling waves

when i leave its embrace my body still remembers

it continues to float

as buoyant on the whites sands as it was in the water

it remembers

what is beyond this skin...

lifetimes of

sunsets, oceans, magic, stars

as i lie down to rest at the end of the day

to live in the other side of the dream for awhile

the island's little love notes remind me…

the moist air

that love,

stuck to me in the sweet sweat of my pores

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