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her own embrace

today she chooses to embrace

her long legs and strong thighs that rub together just slightly when she walks...

a little softer, more sway as she get older

27 feels good...

she can no longer deny even the parts of herself that she's trapped in judgement

the parts of herself she's loathed and betrayed. today, total self-responsibility

for her.

she embraces her fire. her passion for love, feeling, healing, moving, gazing at the sunset, dancing in the moonlight… that part of herself that is just a little too much. the loud laughter at the most awkward moments, her mouth that tells the truth too readily, the “defects, quirks” that make her who she is.

who she's always been.

she embraces her sensitivity. the parts that just want to be alone, go home early, skip the party, rest. the parts that just FEEL SO MUCH. the healer inside that attaches without boundaries…


it doesn’t have to stay wounded to find love

she embraces her indecision

the search for meaning in this life


it will find her if she stays open to it

she embraces her pains, weaknesses, traumas

the little girl inside longing for security, to be held and know she is safe

maybe in the arms of a future lover ?

until then, she lets Love love her

all that is and ever will be

she embraces her freckles

her lazy eye

the tension in her hip

the scars on her legs

the birthmark on her side

her not always so flat belly

she embraces her own heart

even when it is closed in protection

old wounds whose bandaids are slowly peeling off

one day, this heart she embraces will stay open

receive and give love the way it so longs to

the day it believes

she is fierce

she is grace

she is powerful

she is woman

she is spirit

she is light

she is earth

she is wind

she is fire

she is free

she embraces the knowing the day she doesn't feel like hiding is coming soon...

and she won’t let go.


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