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the best lies

the best lies are the most cleverly disguised

as truth…

‘beauty that will rot’

feed off your fears

suck you dry

convince you all you’ve lost

has extinguished your light

the most addicting lies would have you believe: all that you are is this infatuation

you’ve been falling for

far to long

hiding in the dark corners of your mind

there they can grow

the thing about leeches

…they can’t survive with out their host

and they will numb you in the places that they suck

so you don’t even know they are there

they don’t want you to remember

the parasites are terrified to lose their source.

their blood.

and you are it.

its harder when you realize you’ve fallen victim to their promises…

their poison

why does it feel so good to keep going back for more




the poison coated in thick, sweet, dripping honey

it tastes so good

spoonful after spoonful

…until it makes you sick sick sick

then the guilt

the shame

now you need more honey to anesthetize the feelings

you’ve forgotten all over again

who you really are

you don’t need the honey to taste whats sweet

you don’t need their promises of beauty riches pleasure to feel alive

however long the night may seem

the dawn always comes

but you must remember to pull back the curtains

even if you just let in a sliver of the sunshine

the darkness loses its power

the shadows must show their faces

the roaches crawl back into their cracks

they cower in their own fear

they sense it…

you’ve found them

you’re tired of their pony tricks— you won’t be fooled again

they’re trembling now

you tear the shades off the windows

let the light flood the room

now you race out the front door

rays of warmth nourish your starving skin

your scars fade

radiance seeps into your pores

as you regain your strength

you generate the radiance

the lies you were steeped in can’t exist here

you’ve become impenetrable

when they look at you they can't stand themselves

no choice but to shrink away

they won't be back again.


it hurts to much

you get that sparkle in your eyes back

your glow

you become the lighthouse

…don’t you ever stop shining

someone needs you

your return

your return to yourself is a reminder

we can


all find our luminescence again.

infact— maybe you were born for this.

imagine a world that glows

only light.

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